Friday, April 19, 2013

Dairy replacements

Dairy replacements

For those who are allergic to lactose the recipes in this blog should not be a problem, as they contain only lactose free (or virtually lactose free) dairy products.

Those people, who are allergic to certain milk proteins may try milk products from different cows (Alpine cows, Jersey cows, etc.) or sheep and goats, which have different milk protein profiles.
Some people report success after switching to raw dairy (from non-homogenized or otherwise pre-processed milk and cream).

If the milk intolerance is extreme and severe, there are many non-dairy alternatives derived from coconut, other nuts, and more.

Coconut milk is suitable for the manufacture of Kefir and yogurt  The thick part is a good cream (whippable) replacement, and can also be fermented to make sour cream, Coconut flakes can be processed into a nut butter. 

Other nuts can be made into nut butters also.  Daya is a company that provides a variety of fake cheeses.

However, good dairy products are a healthful addition to a diet (most store bought dairy does not fit the description of healthy and "unadulterated"). Good high-fat dairy is low or devoid of carbohydrates, and can be low in (or free of)  offending milk-proteins.

If you must replace all milk products, choose your replacements wisely, read labels  and watch the carbohydrates!

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